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Meet Deb…

17 Jan, 2017

Deb graduated from  Pima Community College with a certificate from the Dental Assisting Education Program in May 2016.  At the time, she was 60 years old.

“When I first considered going to Pima it was my son, Derek, who encouraged me to check out JobPath. He is a veteran returning to school and they have helped him with the Aviation Technology Program.”

She met Career Counselor Pat Trainor, who helped build a supportive system around Deb, so that along with friends and family she was able to attend college and finally graduate. Deb took part in other programs at PCC that assisted her with the cost of attendance, she was able to maximize her available resources and have her needs met while in school.

As a recently divorced and displaced homemaker she needed all the help she could get in order to make ends meet and get through the dental assisting program.  Deb worked as a dog sitter to make extra income while living with relatives.  She worked so incredibly hard to achieve her goal.

Also, during the program, Deb’s mother was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  She became her care giver, in addition to attending school to start a career. 

“I’ll share with you my daily mantra. I will go to class. I will pass my exams. I will graduate. I will get a job. I will succeed in my career.”

And with the help of Job Path that mantra came true. Deb was offered a job as a Dental Assistant before she even graduated from the program!

“There are many students like me that would not be able to attend college and graduate without the help they receive from JobPath.”

JobPath is proud to have been a part of Deb’s journey to her new career!