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Below you can view articles that were written about Job Path and videos that have highlighted our organization. We also feature photos from our graduating classes, workshops and programs. We are so very proud of all the participants that strive to achieve a greater life for themselves, their families and also their communities. Our hope is that this page also reflects our pride in the accomplishments of those people we work with every day!

Articles and Media Exposure

January 28th, 2016 – Tucson’s JobPath: Most Grads Better Off Than Before – Arizona Public Media

8-25-11 – Tucson Weekly “Turning for the Better: Tucson is in terrible shape, but we can fix it” | PDF

6-14-11 – Arizona Daily Star: Tucson tech: $200,000 grant to help train 50 adults

Meet Ana Karina Angulo-Gaxiolo. She is a graduate of the Pathways for Highly Skilled Immigrants & Refugees program and you can hear a little bit about her story in this video!