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Investing in Human Capital

Where does our funding come from?


JobPath is a results-oriented organization that delivers substantiated results to the local community. We’re proud of our track record of success and impact in our local business community.

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Why Do Investors Invest?


These two statistics highlight the workforce skills gap Pima County is currently facing. Although the local community college does offer quality training programs to close this gap, the unappealing persistence and graduation rates have made this process painstakingly slow. JobPath is helping to speed up this process.

JobPath participants receive the necessary financial, emotional and social support to clear their pathways to success, which is graduating from programs in high-demand careers that lead to high-wage positions. Since its inception in 1998, JobPath has created these pathways to success for over 1,500 graduates from Pima Community College and other local institutions, while significantly increasing persistence and graduation rates for the county’s low-socioeconomic population.

The impacts are reverberating! 2016 graduates are earning, on average, $46,155 per year, a post-training average wage increase of about $36,700! Moreover, over the last 11 years, the cumulative economic impact, assuming graduates are still employed in jobs with comparable wages, totals $419.4 million, based on cumulative wage increases of $116.1 million. In the same time span, there was a $3.3 million cumulative reduction in public assistance expenditures.